Fraud Risk Management for Middle and Senior Management

Draft Training outline


  1. Verification of Customer Identity – Public and Private Data Sources
  2. Verification of Assets Identity – Public and Private Data Sources – types of assets, documents and data sources
  1. Real Time Monitoring
  2. End to End Monitoring
  3. Omni Channel Monitoring
  4. Scenarios
  5. Machine Learning Model
  1. Employee Suspicious Activity
  2. Monitoring conflict of interest
  3. Scenarios
  1. Federating Fraud Risk, Authentication and High-Risk Transaction and Activity detection system
  2. Discussion and root cause analysis of major frauds in Indian banking sector
  3. Evaluation Test
    These sessions will be part of the program but the day will be decided based on availability of external faculties. The sessions are –

  1. Chief of Bank’s Fraud Risk Management Cell – Bank’s organization, systems, process and experience sharing with best practices and case studies
  2.  Senior Officials from Investigative agency like Police, CBI, ED, CVC – methodology, process, tools for investigation along with case studies
  3.  Legal expert – regulatory and legal provisions of critical acts like CPC and IT Act
  4. Technology expert – latest in technology and tools for fraud risk management
  5.  Senior official from FIU – fraud experience in the country and focus areas