Risk and Compliance Professionals Association (RCPA)

RCPA is a Section 8 – ‘not for profit’ company established under Indian Companies Act, 2013, to build a collaborative ecosystem for creating a pool of qualified and skilled professionals with hands-on practical experience, in BFS risk management, finance, compliance and fraud risk management arena.

The organization aims to cover banking, securities & capital market, insurance, captives, technology and service provider organizations and would cover all three lines of defence – front office business & operations, risk management, compliance & fraud risk management organization and also audit. Over the period, the organization would like to focus on emerging markets in Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific for its offerings.

RCPA management team has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in banking & financial services, risk & compliance management and regulatory supervision. The Governing Council consists of past and present Banking & Financial Services industry veterans with wide experience in the focus areas.